This is an original bag made with many different materials.

I make one of a kind bags, and when they are sold you will not see another one like it.

This bag is a great everyday bag, or it can be used for special occasions, depending on the fabric you choose, it has lots of pocket on the inside, elastic hoop that goes over the button firmly. there is a firm bottom for support on bottom covered with your lining fabric.Inside pocket is made from the outside fabric unless a special order.


  • This Bag measures 15 inches across the bottom
  • It is 4 1/2 inches wide on bottom
  • 8 1/2 inches to the top of the handle
  • Straps 2 inches wide
  • Straps 21 inches long
  • Pockets are the width of the bag
  • There is a thin piece of wood on the bottom covered with cooridinating fabric, to give it shape. Remove wood from fabric sleeve to wash insert.
  • This Bag can be washed ,very gently cycle,
    or by hand.

maxine bag
inside maxine

I do all my own sewing and the bags are sewn to my perfection. You will not be disappointed. Please check back with me there are more coming, something new almost every day.


available fabric

close up floralside floral


grey schatzie

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